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"I had one of these moments on Thursday morning when someone says something so unexpected that I end up staring at them like an idiot while I try to absorb it. It was James telling me he'd got an A* in his English Language paper!

James and I had been confident that your help and his hard work in the last few weeks meant that his grades would be better than they had been in the mocks. I think I was hoping that the B and C might be improved to an A and B. And in his optimistic moments, James thought he might have avoided a B. But none of us had expected an A*!! So THANK YOU AGAIN! for your help in achieving that.

Mrs Brown, York

I would highly recommend Louise as a tutor because over the last two years she has dramatically improved my English skills. She was very encouraging, supportive, and showed great interest in my work. Due to the great tutoring I went into the English language GCSE exam with very high confidence and I was able to gain a good grade in my English literature exam.

B Kelly, York

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I have been very impressed by Louise Desai's tutoring. my son's English grades have improved greatly with the help of her tutoring.

Elspeth, York

Louise Desai has been a very helpful English Language Tutor to our son who is studying English Language A Level. Her advice & tuition has been great. She has been 100% reliable and our son enjoys the lessons.

Pete, York

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